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is a licensed clinical psychologist, couples therapist, and parent educator at the forefront of teaching the latest, most effective, and psychologically advanced parenting and intimate couples communication techniques. Dr. Varady will help you enjoy a richer relationship with your partner and a more satisfying parenting experience as you shape your child's character, self-esteem, and Emotional Intelligence.

More than any other single factor, Emotional Intelligence has been proven to be the number one predictor of a happy and successful life. Pamela's approach focuses on helping raise the Emotional Intelligence of all parties in a relationship (couples, parents and/or children).

Couples counseling
Twins groups
Intimacy Skills Training
Parent training classes
Communication in Relationships
Purposeful Parenting seminars
Parent consultations
Home visits
Family Psychotherapy
Psycho-educational child assessments
Mother support groups
Phone consultations
School evaluations
Individual psychotherapy
Referral service

As the married mother of twin boys, Dr. Varady has a unique understanding of marriage, parenting, twins, and has done extensive study and research into the area of raising multiples. With her experience running Twins Workshops and Support Groups, she is considered to be Southern California's expert in parenting twins.

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