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  • Couples Counseling
  • Intimacy Skills Training
  • Communication in Relationships
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Parent consultations
  • Home visits
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  • Mother support groups
  • Twins groups
  • Parent training classes
  • Purposeful Parenting seminars
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As a licensed clinical psychologist I see adults, children, and adolescents who want to make changes in how they are thinking, feeling, and behaving. My belief is that good psychotherapy should result in real, positive changes, and increase Emotional Intelligence.

Through classes, consultations, and seminars, I help couples develop more satisfying and fulfilling relationships by enhancing their skills of intimate communication and relationship negotiation. I also assist parents in coping with the countless challenges of raising healthy kids including: Emotional and Behavior Problems, Separation Anxiety, School and Peer Issues, Severe Shyness, Phobias, Sleep Issues, and Sibling Rivalry.

As the creator of the Purposeful Parenting Method, my goal is to help parents become their children's Emotional Coach, which will foster deep levels of Emotional Intelligence- the number one predictor of happiness and success in life.

I offer private as well as group sessions at my office at 3101 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite 301 Santa Monica, CA 90405 and conduct school and home visits.